Acar Stone

Acar Stone

Turkey tavertine refers to a natural stone species called travertine in Turkey. Travertine is a rock formed as a result of a sedimentary precipitation of calcium carbonate minerals. Travertine usually occurs by accumulating in hot water resources and limestone pools.

Turkey is famous for its rich natural resources and is a very rich country in terms of travertine. In our country, there are travertine quarries in many different regions and travertines coming out of these quarries are used for various purposes.

Turkey travertines are generally white, beige or cream colors and can be found in different colors and patterns. Because of these natural beauties and durability, travertines have many different usage areas in interior and outdoor spaces. It is often preferred in areas such as flooring, wall coverings, stairs, pool edges, bench tops and decorative elements. You can contact us to get information about the marble price.

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