Binance Referral Code

Binance Referral Code

Using a Binance referral code is quite simple. When a user creates a new account, they will be prompted to enter an invitation code. If a user is invited by another user, the Referral Code of the inviter is automatically identified. In this way, the invited user can benefit from certain advantages for both the inviting user and himself.

The most common of these benefits are trading fee discounts. Binance provides a discount on trading fees by refunding a portion of the revenue from transactions made by the invited user to the inviter and the invited user. This not only makes the platform more attractive to users, but also contributes to creating a more active trading community.

Additionally, in some periods, Binance may offer extra advantages to users by organizing special promotions. These promotions are usually valid for a certain period of time and allow users to earn more. Visit the site to get a Mexc referral code.

Your Binance 20% Commission discount code: JL3MPH7U

Your 10% Commission discount code for Binance futures: 48162505


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