Turkey Religious Tours

Turkey Religious Tours

Turkey religious tours are specially organized tours for travelers who want to explore the country’s rich religious heritage, historical and cultural texture. These tours are organized to visit important religious and historical sites in different regions of Turkey, to get to know religious traditions and to experience the spiritual atmosphere. Here are some places frequently visited within the scope of religious tours in Türkiye:

Mecca Masjid (Mekame Masjid): Located in the historical peninsula of Istanbul, this masjid is one of the beautiful examples of Ottoman period architecture. It is an important stop for those interested in Islamic culture and architecture.

Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque): Located in Istanbul, the Sultanahmet Mosque is famous for its enormous dome and blue tiles. It is one of the important works of Ottoman period architecture.

Hagia Sophia: Located in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia is a historical building dating back to the Byzantine Empire period. Hagia Sophia, which was first built as a church and later converted into a mosque, is now visited as a museum. Contact us for Anzac day tours.

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